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While You’re Away Inc. is a licensed and insured home care and concierge service for owners of vacation properties (permanent or second homes) in the St. George area.  We have been in service since 2016. We provide the following services: 

• Home Monitoring
• Home Preparation For Arrival
• Home Closure Upon Departure
• Repair Service Coordination & Custom Concierge Service

* Ask about our home cleaning service, attention to detail is our specialty

You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your valuable investment will receive the quality care and attention that it deserves. 



Michaela Hutchings has been in the construction business and service trade since 1997, helping people create their dreams by building & designing custom residential homes from the ground up.  Over the years, Michaela has stayed consistently busy through word of mouth referrals from countless happy clients. Her work ethic, integrity, and attention to detail have given her an added edge in quality that has helped her to fulfill her client’s dreams. She takes pride in the fact that she is still friends with all the individuals and families she has built homes for over the past 22 years.  Michaela is known by her clients for going above and beyond to ensure expectations are always met with satisfaction.

Michaela is very aware of the expense, time, and concern it takes to build and care for custom homes. Homeowners are often worried and concerned when leaving their precious investments in the hands of strangers or neighbors to care for while away. She is excited to announce that she will become the new owner and operator of the company “While You’re Away, Inc.” as of, April 1, 2017.


Our Services

Interior Check List
Exterior Check List

Basic Home Monitoring (Weekly Maintenance Check) 

• Run sinks, drains, and toilets
• Check perimeter for damage to report
• Make sure windows and doors are secured
• Check lights and timers
• Replace light bulbs inside and out
• Check pilot lights
• Check fire, smoke, and CO monitors
• Facilitate housekeeping services 
• Report/facilitate any repairs necessary with designated vendors/Homeowner's Association
• Alarm system checks and secondary contact for alarm services **(based on concierge service outcalls)
• Check/adjust thermostats for seasonal changes
• Return service for "left behind items" such as; keys/journals/important papers/favorite blankets, etc. 
• Regular monthly updates to the homeowner via e-mail or postal


Basic Home Monitoring (Weekly Maintenance Check) Exterior

• Remove flyers, newspapers, telephone books, or debris from driveway or entrances
• Retrieve garbage can from the curb (based on Monitoring choice)
• Storm damage assessment
• Window and Doors (locked and secured)
• Exterior surfacing of home and outbuildings
• Foundation issues
• Decks, Porches, and stairs
• Sidewalks and Driveways
• Lawn, contact professional yard care if needed
• Gutters and Down Spouts

. Check Pools and Spas/contact pool companies if needed


Home Opening Service Options or Ideas

Home Opening

• Deep or weekly cleaning upon arrival 
• Bed preparations 
• Set out linens and towels
• Air-out home
• Adjust thermostats and water heater 

. Power washing all outdoor patios and furniture 

. Window cleaning

.  Garage cleaning or power washing

. Drop off personal vehicles at the St. George Air Port


Home Closing Service Options or Ideas

Home Closing

• Light cleaning (dusting, vacuuming) 
• Trash removal 
• Clean refrigerator
• Launder linens and towels
• Climatize home (thermostats, lights, and water heater)

.  Pick up personal vehicles at the St. George Air Port



The best part is, your only charged for service While You're Away!

Image by Douglas Sheppard

St.George, Utah

St. George

You've chosen to have a home in St. George, Utah area for many reasons. St. George is a place where the skies are clear most of the year and the winter temperatures are mild. St. George is well known for its excellent year-round golf courses and its' world-class scenery. St. George, Utah offers large community services with small-town charm. factory stores and other excellent shopping opportunities, St. George is developing a reputation as a great place to visit and to live.


Hospital services are excellent in St. George and this along with the friendly atmosphere and low crime rates have influenced you and others to choose St. George, Utah area as a place to live and recreate. In this part of Utah, the biological elements of several different desserts and zones come together. This brings many unique plants and animals together in a unique manner and simply adds to the many reasons that St. George is a prime location in the west for your first home, second, or vacation home.


Our company, While You're Away, has chosen to do business in the St. George, Utah area because of the quality of people that live here. We enjoy providing our services to people like you who have come to St. George from many parts of the United States, Canada and throughout the world. 

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